First Attempt at Poultry Cupcakes

Well after all the rain and tornado’s that came through our area in was time to try out the Chicken Little.

Here are the players……..









and for the seasoning….

Started by removing the skin. Make sure to take care during this removal not to tear or rip any of the skins.

I set the skins aside and put them back in the refrigerator until needed.

Once the skins are removed it is time to remove the bone.

Trimed the thighs to your desire width…

Apply seasoning to both sides of the thighs….

Next, I placed the chicken into the fridge and move the skins to my work surface…

Then I started my Grill.

Back to the skins…..
[b]NOTE:[/b] This is the hard part.

Using a very sharp knife lightly score the internal side of the skin. Then scrape the knife across the skin to remove the fat.

Place into a pan, I used a mini loaf pan.

Once my smoker reached 375f in was time to place the pan into the cooker.
After 20 minutes I removed from pan and placed directly onto the grill.

I then mopped with a little thinned sauce.

After several mops and rotating the thighs…..

Well here they are!

Grab a plate and let’s eat!!!!

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