Competition BBQ

We began our journey of cooking in BBQ competition back in 2010-11 by traveling several KCBS events in Indiana and Kentucky.

During our first year on the competition circuit we surprised many including ourselves. We learned a lot, improved our methods, met a lot of great people and more than a few friends; all while having some fun and eating some tasty BBQ from time to time.

WeQ4u Competition BBQ Team

WeQ4u Competition BBQ Team

During this first year we have cooked in a total of 4 contests so far and we have received a total of 2 calls to the stage. Their awards have included, a 1st  place call in chicken, 3rd in pork.

Mark Bowman

 Head Cook and Founder of WeQ4u

Mark is the Head Cook and Founder of WeQ4u

Mark is the Pitmaster and founding member of the “WeQ4u”  BBQ team based in Florence, Kentucky.

Mark is a member of KCBS and a certified BBQ judge.

Mark is responsible for the meat selection and getting the injections, marinades and rubs needed for contest before heading out on the long haul. He is also the preliminary preparation man at the competitions including chicken, ribs, pork and brisket.




Dave Bockelman

Dave has since evolved into the “rib guy.”

Dave joined the team in Liberty, IN. He started with open eyes and ears when he first started. Dave has since evolved into the “rib guy.” Always eager to learn,  Dave is also developing his own BBQ skills since starting with the team and has even purchased his own WSM that he brings along to the contests as well as uses while at home.

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