Another family favorite is split smoked chicken.

Another family favorite is barbecue/smoked chicken.

I decided to use Apple-flavored wood chips to smoke with so I loaded the wood into the feeder which then will feed my Bradley smoker.

















Now we’ll prepare the whole chicken. Wash the chicken thoroughly inside and out. Trim any excess fat or skin.









We are going to split the chicken in half. Barbecue/Smoked chicken will be more flavorful and cook more evenly if it is cut into halves. Start by splitting the chicken down the center of the breast bone using a sharp knife.

Next, cut along either side of the backbone to separate the chicken halves.
You can save the backbone pieces for making chicken stock.
We now have two nice chicken halves ready to go.

I used Chicken Wing Sauce and applied on before the Rub.
Next, rub the chicken on both sides with a BBQ spice rub.

Preheat your smoker to 250 – 260 degrees.

I placed both halves on the same rack skin side down. This will help keep the juices in your chicken.

Close the door and smoke for 4 hours or IT reaches 165 degree.

This was about 1-1/2 hour into the smoke.


I basted the chicken halves with apple juice only. You should start basting two hours in and then once every hour.

After four hours I insert the digital thermometer into the breast and will remove the chicken once it reached 165 degree.

The internal temperature of the chicken breast is now at 165 degree. Time to remove from the smoker.

The half chickens are also done and have a nice, smoky color.

Let the chicken cool a bit before cutting into serving pieces. Serve the chicken halves with warmed BBQ sauce on the side. It’s so good that you may want to eat it without sauce.
Note: I chose not to use any bbq sauce – basted with the apple juice only.

Plated with the smoked chicken breast.

Plated with the smoked chicken leg quarters.

Another family favorite is barbecue/smoked chicken.

Grab a plate and let’s eat!


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